Aquero Foundation

Christmas Altar at the Carmel

Aquero Company has provided support and services as circumstances arise regarding a variety of needs in the community.
Two areas that receive special attention are homelessness and the need for an increasing awareness of the presence of God.

One way through which anyone can address these issues is to set aside time for daily devotions, whatever our backgrounds or callings.  It is a good practice to contemplate eternity and what comes next.  We recommend Carmelite spirituality as an excellent organizing principle for this.  
Try the website of the Carmelite monastery in Eugene to learn more at The contact information for the monastery is posted there.

Aquero Company does not solicit or accept donations to the Carmel.  For those who may be interested in donating to the Carmel, please contact the Carmel directly.  

We provided a website for the Carmel for 15 years at, but stopped maintaining it after 2019, once the Carmel had its own website.  However, the original website is part of the Internet Archive.  It is viewable through the "Wayback Machine" at