Intellectual Property

Aquero Company is represented by:

MBM Intellectual Property Law, LLP  

Headquarters in Ottawa

Offices in Calgary, Vancouver, and Montreal

Full range of services including patent filings, prosecutions, and litigation.

We have worked with over 20 different law firms and IP related venture groups in the USA and Canada, not including foreign associated firms in the various jurisdictions globally.  MBM has provided excellent work and services at a fair price.  


MBM Law is a prominent, intellectual-property (IP) firm in Canada specializing in all aspects of IP. Please visit the MBM website at  

Aquero Patents and Patent Applications: 100+

The best way to view these is via searches for example via the USPTO website and the Espacenet website.  There are a variety of other search engines and services for accessing the patent literature as well.

Sikes professional papers:  100+ 

The best way to find these is via Google scholar and similar web based facilities (e.g. ResearchGate).