Dust Control Formulation

DustSentry is a bio-friendly,dust-control agent for farm roads and farm homesites.  The same growers who have an interest in SoilSentry often have a dust control problem, sometimes year-round as in the Imperial Valley.  DustSentry also may provide a useful treatment of dirt and gravel roads in rural areas,  construction sites, and other areas where dust and airborne particulates may be a concern.
In many of the areas where we work and deploy products, there aren't that many paved roads.  Most of the road surfaces are gravel or dirt.  During parts of the year in some locales and throughout the year in others, it is common to keep a quarter mile or more between you and the driver ahead of you just to be able to see, not to mention breathe.

If it is not economically feasible to treat the entire mileage around the fields, for example, it is desirable at least to treat the approaches and the immediate areas around the home sites and work sites.  With DustSentry, the grower and staff have an affordable option for dust control that is also bio-friendly.

One biocompatibility issue arises in view of unavoidable intake of airborne particulates by people.  Another concern is the introduction of dust and soil particulates, along with whatever inputs are carried with them, into waterways.

All of the other commercial dust control agents are either vinyl polymers, such as polyvinyl acetate or alcohol, or byproducts of the paper-making industry, such as lignosulfonate.  They are helpful in reducing airborne particulates and their distribution throughout the environment.  However, there are concerns about the ultimate environmental fate and compatibility.

Only DustSentry offers a biocompatible, environmentally friendly way to keep the air free of the undesirable particulates.  We keep this product cost-effective and are introducing it to growers in regions where we also are offering SoilSentry for erosion-control and improved water-infiltration.