Soil Retention Agent

SoilSentryis a biodegradable and patent-pending polysaccharide-based soil additive that helps control erosion and reduce irrigation costs, while meeting local water compliance regulations.  SoilSentryprovides a simple, safe, and natural solution to erosion and tailwater runoff problems.


            ▪ Decreases soil erosion and silt in tailwater runoff.

            ▪ Improves water conservation and penetration.

            ▪ Reduces rate of infiltration loss.

            ▪ Results in more efficient water usage.

            ▪ Decreases migration of inputs; minimizes nutrient leaching.

            ▪ Product is readily biodegradable and safe to handle.

            ▪ Provides sustainable practice that is easier on the environment.

            ▪ Reliable application ensures field is properly treated.

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